The Common People

IMG_8087THE COMMON PEOPLE is a series of duets between people who will have their first encounter live on stage. Each of the duets is being performed by a person that is performing every staging of the performance, and a performer that is chosen from the local community, that will perform only one staging of the work. So each duet staged will never be performed again in that same constellation, because half of the performers will perform the performance only once. I started with a big group, in Utrecht august 2014, this process of Jan Martens search towards connection. I’ve jumped in and out the process..I will  jump in again when we meet Amsterdam. Meervaart februari 2017 .You want to be a part of it? check website Jan Martens of Springfestival Utrecht

a lot of research and experiments will take place before the Dutch première on 27th and 28th may 2016 at SPRING festival Utrecht

work in progress #3 / 18 + 19 of march 2016 vaba lava Talinn EST
work in progress #4 / 23 of april 2016 wpzimmer Antwerp BE
première / 13 + 14 of may 2016 tanzhaus nrw Düsseldorf DE
NL première / 27 + 28 of may 2016 SPRINGfestival Utrecht NL

17 en 18 februari 2017  de Meervaart Amsterdam

All dates when and where

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